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 A tree surgeon climbing up a tree wearing safety equipment

Tree and Hedge Services

the North East

Fully Qualified and Trained Arborists

At Tree Wise Men (NE) Ltd our tree and hedge services include a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet your needs. Whether it's tree removal, stump grinding, weed control, or hedge cutting, we ensure efficient and reliable execution. Our team comply with health and safety regulations and carry out full site risk assessment, employing a variety of industry recognised methods to safely dismantle the tree. Complying with tree operations British Standard 3998.

Our hedge services include hedge reduction, planting, and precise maintenance. We provide garden mulch and serve as a log supplier, to reduce the waste and recycle any materials. Our services extend to grounds maintenance, garden fencing, and site clearance, addressing both residential and commercial requirements.

Our commitment to professionalism, qualified staff, and adherence to safety standards defines our approach. Trust us for practical and effective tree and hedge services, leaving your outdoor green spaces well-maintained and hazard-free.

A tree surgeon in a tree wearing safety equipment

Tree Removal

Our tree removal service ensures expert and efficient removal of trees, especially those close to buildings, diseased, dangerous or posing potential hazards. Our experienced team employs safe and controlled methods, prioritising the well-being of your property. We carry out all planning applications for trees in conservation areas and subject of tree preservation orders.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding service offers precision in removing stumps, leaving your space clear and ready for reuse. Utilising advanced equipment, we ensure a thorough and efficient process. Count on our expertise for hassle-free stump grinding, contributing to the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of your property.

Stump grinding by two professional tree surgeons with safety equipment
Tree surgeon in a tree chopping twigs

Deadwood Removal

Experience meticulous deadwood removal with our service, enhancing safety and promoting overall tree health. Our skilled team identifies and removes dead or hazardous branches with precision, contributing to the longevity and vitality of your trees.

Hedge Services

Explore comprehensive hedge solutions with our services, covering reduction, planting, and ongoing maintenance. Our experienced team ensures the health and aesthetics of your hedges, addressing both residential and commercial needs.

A hedge neatly trimmed in garden
A treen with orange autumn leaves


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